Community Land Use Planning Committee

About the Committee

Fort Defiance Community Land Use Planning Committee Purpose
  1. The purpose of the Fort Defiance Community Land Use Planning Committee (FD CLUPC) is to seek, prepare, develop and implement a most viable and practical method to plan and promote the best use of land available for the purpose of improving the social, economic and welfare of the residents of Fort Defiance community.
  2. FD CLUPC shall approve all processes for the planning activities according to 26 N.N.C. (2004); and shall execute and oversee functions associated with planning, designing, implementing and evaluating of local developments and zoning ordinances for the community.
  3. FD CLUPC, with the support of the FD Chapter Officials, shall have the option to enact on 26 N.N.C. (2004) for the development of local needs as well as to unify the community by bringing businesses and opportunities.


The Officials of CLUPC


Michele Dineyazhe


John Plummer

Protemp-Vice President


Sharon C. Yazzie


Stanley Denetdeel


Roger Dahozy