Tsehootsooi Twin Warrior Society-Veteran Administration

About the organization

Mission Statement
To implement accountability and transparency to provide guidance to the officers and members to maintain quality assurance for the organizations. The protocol set forth by veteran officials and its members is to re-identify their belief, behavior, attitude, personality and responsibility to refocus on the importance of moral ethics and representation to the Navajo Veteran; to promote the integrity of the stature as an honorable Native Warrior. For more information on Navajo Nation Veterans Administration click on the link:  https://www.nnva.navajo-nsn.gov/
The Officials Of the twin warrior society


Daniel Yazza


Cell: (928)206-3970

Email: d.yazza@yahoo.com 

Leroy Begay, Sr.

Vice Commander

Yvonne Bluehorse


Frank D. Nez, Jr

Sergeant of Arms